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We are a Guatemalan tour company, specialized in providing authentic experiences in northern Central America. We have an enormous knowledge of the different destinations we operate within the true Mayan World - Guatemala, Belize and Honduras. The company was founded in 2009 by tourism industry professionals with a great expertise in managing specialty groups, providing unique and authentic experiences, and a direct contact with the local culture and biodiversity.

Our operating approach always revolves around generating positive social impacts and the financial contribution to in situ conservation. We have first-hand experience in the formulation and development of nature and adventure tourism products, managed by local communities (community-based tourism), which allows us to offer our clients a direct and real contact with the local culture. We are truly committed to sustainability in our operation, and we fully believe that tourism is the best tool for biodiversity conservation and the enhancement of local cultural heritage.

Tikal National Park
Mayan Biosphere Reserve


To provide unique and unforgettable travel experiences, of authentic contact with the local culture and the environment of northern Central America, generating positive social impacts and promoting the conservation of biodiversity.

We are a tour operator respectful of the environment and local culture, committed to sustainability; and specialized in generating authentic experiences, with positive social impact and supporting biodiversity conservation efforts.

Santiaguito Volcano


Positive social impact
Our trips focus on leaving economic benefits to the visited destinations, by hiring local guides and community microenterprise services.
Financing for in situ biodiversity conservation
We support local conservation efforts by visiting national protected areas, private nature reserves, small producers’ plantations (coffee and cocoa) as well as contracting the services of rural lodgings and community microenterprises. By taking our customers to these places we directly and indirectly provide economic funds and reasons to finance the conservation of local biodiversity.

Cultural value
Our travel experiences are based on maintaining a true contact with the local culture; allowing local people to share their traditional way of life with our clients.

Away from the traditional tourist
We stay away from the hordes of traditional tourists; our travel experiences are exclusive for true travelers.

Authentic contact with biodiversity
Small groups, nature guides with professional experience in scientific field research and the accompaniment of local guides guarantee a unique and authentic contact with the best local biodiversity sites.

Sustainability during the trip
Our entire operation revolves around the minimization of negative impacts towards the environment, so we avoid the use of plastics and handle the waste generated during our trips.

Tajumulco Volcano
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