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Why tour with us?

Northern Central America is a surprising region, with an extraordinary historical legacy, in which the great Mayan Civilization stands out, a rich fusion of cultures, traditions, gastronomy and cultural manifestations, as well as with high rates of biodiversity, endemism and unique natural settings.

To really have a cultural immersion experience, relive history and have authentic contact with biodiversity; It is necessary to travel with local experts who know all the details of the destination, travel in small groups - not in traditional tourists’ herds- and explore the hidden corners and secrets of the visited sites.

Many tour companies compete over price, sacrificing the experience and quality of the visit.


Traveling with K’uk Tours ensures attention to all the details to guarantee unique and memorable travel memories and experiences.

Small groups

We stay away from traditional tourists’ herds, thus guaranteeing a unique cultural immersion, direct contact with biodiversity and minimizing negative impacts on sensitive environments.

Yaxha - Nakum - Naranjo National Park

Local positive impact

We work directly with local communities, we hire the services local guides and microenterprises who provide us with food, transportation, lodging and an exquisite authentic cultural exchange.

El Mirador National Park

Authentic travel experiences

Our clients can sustain a direct interaction with local communities, their traditional way of life and the natural environment. The experience of living like a local is a lesson that enriches the soul.

El Mirador National Park

Itineraries with a meaning and objectives

All our itineraries are based on a specific theme, which can be historical, cultural, with a social focus or related to physical activity. Our circuits have been delicately combined to offer an enriching and meaningful travel experience. Our packages are not traditional tours that include different tourist destinations without any relationship or connection between them.

Morelet's crocodile

We hire local services supporting community-based tourism initiatives

During our tours we hire the services of local guides and community microenterprises so that the benefits of our operations have a positive impact on the local economy. Likewise, we promote the cultural exchange between our clients and the locals, who undoubtedly enrich the experience by sharing the way of life and local traditions.

El Mirador National Park

Guides that guarantee an excellent travel experience

To achieve a true immersion in biodiversity and culture it is necessary to have excellent local hosts. Our nature tours leaders are generally experienced biologists who are carrying out constant field research. The guided visits to archeological sites and museums are led by cultural guides with extensive knowledge and experience in Mesoamerican culture and on special occasions by archaeologists with extensive experience in academia and field research.

Acatenango Volcano

We invest directly in biodiversity conservation and promote environmentally friendly practices

We are co-owners of Finca El Pilar, a nature reserve located in Antigua Guatemala that promotes the conservation of the biodiversity of the Guatemalan Central Volcanic Chain. We use tourism as a tool to finance conservation and put value on local biodiversity.
During all our tours we apply the “Leave No Trace” code for outdoor activities. In this way we make sure to minimize the negative impacts caused by our tours.
In our itineraries, we avoid to the maximum the use of internal flights, as an aircraft produces on average 53 pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2) for every two kilometers traveled. In comparison, a young tree can only absorb between 13 to 40 pounds of CO2 per year. We do not own a vehicle fleet and for our tours we hire the services of environmentally friendly companies specialized in tourist transport. There is a wide range of companies in the region that offer bus rental services, acquiring our own vehicles would imply increasing the CO2 emissions of our operations.

Agua Volcano
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